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Introducing Real Time Training with Kiana. The Premier In-Gym Video Streaming.

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The next wave in fitness STARTS NOW.

Join Kiana and begin your journey towards achieving your most empowered self.

Kiana is inviting all fitness fans inside her gym to experience her famous training methods that have helped millions of television viewers worldwide.  Regardless of where you live, worldwide, you can tune into Kiana’s weekly real-time workouts, working out alongside her gym clients. Train in real time with Kiana from her gym by the beach.

Find your strength and get motivated.

Get Fit Kiana Style. The Premier IN GYM Video Streaming Experience. Expert Workouts for Expert Results.

Every Workout includes:  An intro. video from Kiana, tutorials for all levels so you know how to do the exercises and the real in-gym experience from that day. Members also receive Kiana’s best selling Clean Eating guides, access to 100’s of videos and healthy recipes!


Fit Mom TV Online TrainingYou can get these results, too!

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