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Selfie: Kona and Me :)

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This is my BFF, Kona.  I rescued him as a puppy from the shelter. Some mean person dumped him and his brothers and sisters in the dumpster 🙁  People can be so cruel. He is the most loveable, funny dog.  He's a mix of lab / shepard / chow.  Lately he has been scratching so much, I feel sorry for him. I bought some dog shampoo with aloe, oatmeal, to soothe his skin. I am searching for the best, high quality dog food for him.  On a recent trip to Aspen, my husband and I went dog sledding and I asked the owner what he fed his strong, beautiful, healthy dogs: Homemade Gruel.  Hm. Maybe I should make my own dog food for Kona?



Do you have a dog? What food do you like?


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