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Skeleton Snack Man: Healthy Halloween Snack Appetizer Idea

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Fit Fun Snacks & Appetizers for Halloween

Perfect for Parties, School, Clubs or Anytime

I made this for my Fit Kids Club, the Kids LOVED it!

Fit Kids Skelton Snack Healthy Halloween


  • Organic Celery
  • Watermelon
  • Popcorn
  • Hummus or Ranch Dip
  • Limes or Olives
  • Squash


Use the Hummus or Ranch Dip as the head.  Celery leaves as the hair.  Limes or olives for the eyes. Celery stalks for the arms and legs.  Watermelon slices for the ribs. Squash circles for the spine. Popcorn for the hips. Squash for the feet and hands. Popcorn dumbbells.

It's October 22, a week before Halloween. 🙂 BOO!

I made Skeleton Snack Man for the Fit Kids Club in the community this week.   They loved it! We cut up the celery, sliced the watermelon, squash, popped the popcorn.  I had alot of extra fruit and vegetables so we ate while we made our Skeleton Snack Man.  The funny thing is that one of the children said she didn't like Watermelon at all.  She actually said she "hated watermelon." But by the time we finished making the snack, she watched all the other kids eating and LOVING watermelon, she loved it too.


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