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Fit Fast Food! Burrito in 2 minutes

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My then 6 year old daughter came up with this Burrito recipe.  She loves the fast food burritos but I won't let her get those too often, so she makes her own "Fit Kids Burrito!"


  • Corn tortilla (or flat bread, lavash, whole wheat pita, or whole wheat or low carb tortilla)
  • Organic black beans (or non-organic)
  • Tiny Handful of spinach (or your favorite green veggies: squash, kale, romaine, celery, bell peppers....)
  • Handful of cheese (any type is yummy)
  • Hot sauce


Microwave the tortilla for 10-15 seconds. Remove. Microwave the beans 15 seconds, sprinkle cheese on top microwave another 10 seconds. Add beans and hot sauce to tortilla, top with spinach. Eat for energy!

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