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10 Simple Tips to Stay Healthy During Flu Season

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Cold? Flu? Ebola? Yikes! What can we do to keep ourselves and our family healthy?

Here are the top 10 things I do:


  1. Wash hands frequently or use All-natural Hand Sanitizing Wipes
  2. If someone sneezes or coughs in front of me, I immediately walk away so as not to breathe their germs
  3. If I feel symptoms of a cold or flu coming on, I take Oscillococcinum, which is a natural homeopathic remedy
  4. I avoid shaking people's hands and tell them why.  It's amazing how many people feel the same way.
  5. Exercise regularly to keep the immune system high
  6. Wash my hands immediately after going to the gym.
  7. Don't let myself catch a chill ever
  8. If I feel "off" or like I may be coming down with something, I take 2-3000 mg Vitamin C , drink 4 glasses of water, pop on my Sleep Mask
    and go to bed asap
  9. Eat fresh vegetables and lots of citrus fruits loaded with vitamin c
  10. drink lots of water. 8-10 glasses per day.

10 Simple Tips to Stay Healthy During Flu Season.


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