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25 Ways to Use Coconut Oil

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Kiana's 25 Ways to Use Coconut Oil

25 ways to use coconut oil

In Hawaii, coconuts are a daily source of food, moisturizer and healthy fats.

Here are 25 wonderful unique ways I use coconut oil

  1. For baking, I will replace oil and butter with coconut oil. Try my Healthy Hula Girl Coconut Cupcakes
  2. It's a delicious moisturizer for your body
  3. Exquisite bath oil
  4. Massage oil
  5. Lip balm
  6. Eye cream
  7. Deep conditioner for your hair.  Put on your hair in the shower, leave in for 15 minutes and shampoo
  8. Drop for hair defrizzer
  9. Shaving cream
  10. Cuticle and nail conditioner
  11. Makeup remover
  12. Relieves dry heels
  13. On toast instead of butter
  14. In protein shakes and fruit smoothies
  15. Add to tea or coffee. Make coconut coffee: add a Tbs instead of creamer
  16. Add to juice or cocktails
  17. Use in salad dressings instead of vegetable or canola oil
  18. To saute fish
  19. To flash fry egg white and panko covered chicken
  20. Season your cast iron pans
  21. Remove gum from carpets or hair
  22. Add a little to your pets food
  23. For photo shoots - adds a beautiful sheen to your skin
  24. As aromatherapy.  Put a little cup in your room.
  25. Instead of KY - close your eyes, smell the coconuts and pretend you're on the beach <3


Kiana's 25 Ways to Use Coconut Oil


Coconut Coffee and Kiana's 25 Ways to Use Coconut Oil

Love coconut coffee..

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