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Share 🙂Check out this new image.

Pic: Kiana’s Mini-Me Flex Appeal!

Share 🙂 My 7 year old doing Tricep Extensions “like Mommy!”

Pic: Love my little Fit Kids! Bikini push ups at sunset

Share 🙂 Proud Fit Mom Moment. Look at their form. Perfect 🙂 Take a peak at the new Fit Kids Website

Fit Mom Mobiles Sculpt Sexy Shoulders

Share 🙂 This is Fit Mom Terrie doing an exercise called Fit Mom mobile to sculpt the shoulders and arms.  She is a Fit Mom Online Gym Member and trains 3 days per week with my online workouts.  She has lost weight and has tightened and toned all over.  “My husband loves that I am working out again too, since that is something we’ve always had in common.” Terrie. How

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What is your favorite protein bar flavor? ____________

Share 🙂 I prefer whole foods bars that have natural ingredients. Most bars on the market are loaded with oils, sugars and words my kids cannot pronounce.

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