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My Fit Kid. Why not a soccer ball or ice skates?

Share 🙂 Why not a tennis racket, soccer ball or ice skates?  Of course my daughter has to pick something that takes up considerably more room and upkeep! -️  I am excited for her, she is getting ready for her first equestrian dressage competition!

A different type of before & after photo

Share 🙂Naturally flavored water Improve your health & appearance. Great for the whole family. Eliminate mismatched sports bottles No more frustration trying to find the caps to match the dozens of mismatched water bottles in the drawer.  My kids have dozens of water bottles!  Seems like we can never find the right cap when we need it. I decided to donate all of them and replace them with my Infusion

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Pretty Healthy Snack

Share 🙂 Mmm. Dip strawberries in Greek Yogurt and freeze.  So pretty and healthy too! Other fruit combinations that are delicious: Dark chocolate on bananas Berries Grapes Melon Pineapple

Working out with Mommy on TV

Share 🙂 So cute! Never thought this would happen. My youngest daughter doing “overhead tricep extensions with Mommy” on Kiana’s Flex Appeal. Good form too! And I love the Pajama workout!

Hawaiian Cowgirl

Share 🙂Instagram Proud Fit Mom Moment. I LOVE ️ this photo I took of my daughter at the Ranch. I can truly feel her happiness just by looking at the picture. ️ I just love the big smile and how happy she looks.  I always tell my kids, Find something you love to do and you’ll be good at it.  


Share 🙂 Coconut Power! Infused Water I’m Loving Right Now! I sip water all day long to detoxify and hydrate my body.  I don’t drink sodas and straight juice is just too much sugar.  But I do LOVE cool naturally flavored waters. Recipe: Add frozen watermelon slices and lime wedges in Detox Water bottle removable cartridge. Freeze.  Add to Detox Bottle with Coconut Water or plain water. Enjoy! Why it’s

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7 Healthy Soccer & Sports Team Snack Ideas

Share 🙂Juicy Fit Mom Fruit Kabobs Healthy Snacks for my daughter’s Soccer Team! ️️️ My 7 year old daughter has been playing soccer since she was 4 years old.  She and I discuss what healthy snacks her team mates would enjoy at half time and after the game.  Then we go to the market and make the snacks together.  She is so excited to hand out the snacks that she

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Fit Mom TV Online Classes – Sample

Share 🙂What a wonderful, kick butt workout this morning in the Online Gym!  In case you don’t know, I have cameras in my Gym and broadcast my workouts MWF at 9:30 am pst.  You can watch the LIVE class or watch the recorded version anytime.  All of the exercises are geared toward incinerating body fat and increasing lean muscle.  All of the exercises are compound to work multiple muscles at

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Curls for the girls!

Share 🙂Make sure your elbow stays directly under the shoulder and acts as a pivot. Sculpt strong sexy arms fast.  This is a page from my new 12 Week Flex Appeal Training Guides!  You get 12 weeks of workouts in an easy to follow format. You do a new workout each week for 12 weeks. I show you exactly how to do each exercise ️ upon purchase you can download

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Love my Fit Kids :)

Share 🙂 Run! Jump! Play! Show your kids how to be active everyday and teach them to love fitness at a young age! Love my little Fit Kid…just look at that smile on her face (and mine:) My kids bring me such joy…

SS Tanks

Share 🙂I love tank tops, t-shirts and worn in boyfriend (oops, I mean husband) jeans. Looks fit and casual. Check out the colors here